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Reaching the lost by showing the love of Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do at Count Me In. Our teams and the ministries that we have relationship with are changing the spiritual landscape of Kenya and surrounding countries. Here are some of the outreaches you will be involved with.

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We minister primarily into 3 prisons in Nairobi. A maximum security prison, a boys youth prison and a women’s prison. There is revival breaking out in the prisons! Kamiti maximum security prison started this year with a 7 day fast that ended with a 3 day CMI prayer event. You will have many opportunities to minister to these men and women and bring hope to their desperate situations.

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Last year we saw 30,000 salvations through reaching into the public school system. Our team averages 5 schools a week and travels throughout Kenya to reach these students. This is such a pivotal time of life for them and reaching young people can lead to a different life for them. We use drama, worship, dancing and a strong message of hope and love to reach them right where they are.

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Our CMI Leadership Team comes from many different churches and you will get a chance to connect and visit many of these churches every Sunday to see what God is doing all over Nairobi. You will have opportunities to serve and be served in these wonderful communities of believers.

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In Kenya a lot of life is lived in the streets. Open air markets, public transportation and walking are a common every day occurrence. We take church to the streets and do worship and testimonies right in the open. You never know how God will show up at these events but it is always powerful.

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We have partnered with Joy Divine Childrens Org. since our first moment in Kenya in 2008. They care for 100 former street children who used to live on the streets of Nairobi without proper clothing, food or shelter. Fred Mwara and his team continually reach out to the street children of Nairobi on a weekly basis. They provide food, education and practical needs to those who are forgotten and without hope. You will join in with the street feedings and get to pray and ministry to these children. Joy Divine calls them VIP’s and we are sure that you will too.