Count Me In has been in partnership with Joy Divine Children’s Organization since 2008. The home currently houses 52 young men ages 3-22 years old. The children of Joy Divine were rescued from a life of violence, crime, abuse and addiction as children of the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Under the intense mentorship of Fredrick Mwaura (Project Manager) and his team the boys who were once outcasts of society with no hope for their futures are now sons that have a safe place to grow and develop.

Fred has a God sized vision to see the epidemic of street children irradicated. It is estimated that there are currently 300,000 orphaned children without care or supervision in Nairobi alone. Fred and his team host weekly street feedings where they feed up to 1,000 youth a hot meal and meet immediate medical, spiritual and emotional needs. They are in the process of documenting the children and researching to help reunify children with lost family members or to help them be placed in a stable living environment with opportunities for education.




Joy Divine provides nurturing love, healthcare, proper nutrition, excellent education, leadership training and spiritual care to each child. As they children grow and develop they are giving opportunities to give back to the very neighborhoods they came from through service projects called “Joy Divine Gives Back”.

The Child Sponsorship Program funds 100% of Joy Divines day to day needs. By us coming along side Fred and his staff we are empowering them to focus on their passion, rescuing and caring for the children, while we work to provide the resources needed for the work to continue. We encourage a deep meaningful relationship with your sponsored child that includes quartlery updates, video messages and even opportunities to visit them in person on a Count Me In trip. Please consider joining us to see the potential these young men have to be



In 2014 Joy Divine was gifted 10 acres of land outside of Nairobi. We are believing that in the next 2 years that this property will contain lodging for 200 children, a school, a kitchen, dining hall, a sports field and a place to worship.

To see the complete building plan in place - click here.